Monday Update

Today we read Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. Such a cute book!!

The turkey disguises himself as different animals so he doesn't get eaten for Thanksgiving! Before we read the end of the book, I had my students predict the last thing he disguised himself as. Here are some of their predictions:

I love to see how well they are writing and how much it improves each day!

Here are our centers for this week {Which came from Kindergarten Crayons and Confessions of A Homeschooler Blogs}:
{At this center they will work on sorting short and long vowels}
{Here they will practice reading the word on the flower and then writing the word on the marker board.}
{This week they will listen to If you Take a Mouse to School}
{They will practice reading ordinal numbers and look for rhyming words}
{Here they will practice graphing and reading the graph to determine which is more or less}
{At this center they can practice sounding out 3 letter words}
{At this center, they will practice reading number words}

I am excited about this fun and exciting week we have planned!!

All of my center ideas came from here and here!

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