Plants and Bugs

Sorry for not updating lately!! Here are some pictures from last week and this week:
Last week we talked about plants:
We labeled a flower
Talked about how to plant a flower:
Wrote about what we would plant in our garden:
Discussed Earth Day and different ways we can help our earth
This week, we are talking about bugs!! The kiddos are loving this unit!
In math, we are decomposing numbers:
Last week we discussed different ways of measurement:
I took way more pictures but this is a small update!! I am so proud of my students and all of their hard work!!


April 12th Newsletter

Friday, April 13th – April Sugar Day
Tuesday, April 24th – Kindergarten registration for 2012-13 school year (if you have not already registered)
Friday, May 4th – Enrichment Day
Friday, May 18th – Luau & May B-day Celebration
Tuesday, May 22nd – End of Year Field Trip
Wednesday, May 23rd – Last day of school!

April Sugar Day
We will be celebrating our April birthdays tomorrow!! The party will start at 1:45! If you would like to bring snacks please let me know. Feel free to join us!

Registration forms with proof of residence are past due. If you have not sent in ALL of the paperwork required, please do so by tomorrow!

Also, pictures and/or money need to be turned in ASAP!

What are we learning about?

Cause and Effect
Similarities and Differences
Key Details


Letter Jj
Distinguishing Sounds




Sight Words:

Continent WritingDue Monday, April 16th


Australia and Sorting

This week, we have been learning about the continent Australia! It has been very exciting! We talked about all of the animals that live in Australia. Yesterday, we focused on the Great Barrier Reef and what sea life lives in the reef. The students drew pictures of the coral reef:

And each student had the opportunity to paint in our class painting of the coral reef:

Unfortunately water was spilled on the painting and all the colors ran together :( We may do another one!

The kids described the coral reef:

In math, the kids are practicing sorting. We discussed different ways to sort our class:

And we finally finished our 3D shapes chart!

The Last of Easter!

On Friday, the kids sorted jelly beans:
Fun Easter writing:
"Drive a barbie car! Drop them off at the door step!"
"Get the other Easter bunnies."
On Monday they wrote about their Easter weekend:
"The Easter bunny brought me a DVD player and a movie called Hop and a decorate your dog house."
"I went to my Meme's. I went to my dad's grandma's. I went back to my Meme's."
"My cousin gave a football to me. Tanner is his name. He is my cousin."
"I lost a tooth Easter morning! I went to church. I took pictures. I went to Miss Pat's house to have a Easter hunt."
"The Easter bunny brought me a Sleeping Beauty doll with the three fairy god mothers and he brought me the Alvin and the Chipmunks and my brother got a funny bunny movie."


Continents and Easter

We started our week off discussing North America and South America. We read Arrow to the Sun:

We used our new Follow the Yellow Bick Road chart to retell the story:

Then, the kiddos painted their own Aztec pictures:

The kiddos also learned the fancy word for opposites, antonyms.
We read The Foot Book:

And then did a fun activity (that I found on Pinterest) to go along with the book:

We also read The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs and discussed antonyms using this book:
The kids wrote about what the Easter Bunny would do if he slept in! Their writing was very creative!
In math this week, we reviewed comparing numbers
I added two Easter centers for this week:

And last, the kids had the opportunity to skype with Mr. Marc from Adventures to fitness! This was very exciting!