National Symbols, Building to 5, Writing, and Centers

Last week we studied National Symbols. We discussed the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the White House, the Bald Eagle, and the American Flag.

The Statue of Liberty:
I learned it is tall and it is green
In NYC, made in France, she is holding a tablet
The Liberty Bell:
It rang on the president's birthday, the bell has a crack, it is gold
It doesn't ring anymore, it has a crack, a spaceship was named after the bell

The White House:
In Washington D.C., has an oval office, it is a famous house
Oval office, Washington D.C., it is big

The American Flag:
Our flag is red, white, and blue! Our flag has 13 stripes!
Flag brace map
The flag has 50 stars!

We worked on building 5 in math last week:
Here is some writing from last week:
Pete the Cat was walking in his white shoes. Pete was stepping in the puddle.
I love my Pete the Cat book. I like my Pete the Cat book because is has songs.
Some new centers: Thank you Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers!

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