Update from Last Week!

Last week, we created a chart about what we would do if we were the Easter Bunny and then the kiddos created a bunny and wrote about it!

"I would give candy to boys and girls."

"I would give my basket to the baby bird."

"I would give the girls and boys a big basket with candy and toys."

I added this Easter egg to our writing center. The students have to write about one of the pictures on the egg.

"Me and my family hide eggs at my Aunt Paige's. We open the eggs."

"I hope the Easter bunny comes to the Easter egg hunt."

The weather was so nice last week we decided to go outside and use sidewalk chalk to do math instead of using our math journals!

The students used shape manuplatives to practice sliding, fliping, and rotating shapes.

I found this on Pinterest! We are going to use this chart to retell stories this week!!

Parents, thank you so much for all of your help at the Easter Egg hunt!!!

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