It's beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Last week we read Mrs. McNosh Hangs up Her Wash. It is such a cute book! We then discussed Who, What, Where, and When
We also discussed community helpers and started our Community Helpers A to Z chart
As we read Mrs. McNosh, the students had to listen for something she hung up and then write it and draw a picture of it on a sticky note. They did a great job at listening!
We read several different gingerbread books last week and the students had to pick which was their favorite. They also wrote about their favorite gingerbread book
Some of my students and their awesome writing!
My students had to disguise a gingerbread man for homework and at school they wrote a story about it:
"My gingerbread is a queen. Her name is See See. She likes Mexican food. She likes to dress up in pink clothes."
"My gingerbread man is a robot. My gingerbread man's name is Toby. My gingerbread man jumps on the trampoline."
"My gingerbread man is a girl princess. My gingerbread's name is Bella. It likes to eat bananas."
"My gingerbread man is a dino. And his second name is Samson. His home is in North America."
This week we have been talking a lot about Christmas. We had a good discussion about our wants and needs.
The kids have been learning how to measure things this week in Math. This cutie learned how to measure how tall he was in presents:
They also used cubes to measure a present:
We have been counting down the days until Christmas break:
This is our new behavior system for the different tables. I give them a marshmallow for good behavior and when they get 15 marshmallows, they get hot chocolate!
We are decorating our Christmas tree!
And the gingerbread man made a visit and rewarded those with good behavior!

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