All About Apples!

We completed our apple unit last week at school! It was so much fun!!! If you aren't a teacher, you probably could care less about this post, but it was so much fun I had to write about it!

We started out with a KWL of apples. They got real into this!

We read the poem "The Apple Tree" and talked about rhyming words. My kids are great with rhyming words!!

We read "10 Apples Up On Top" and then they created a picture of themselves with 10 apples up on top!

We read "Johnny Appleseed" and created our own Johnny Appleseed hats. I can't post any pics of my students so I don't have any pictures of the adorable hats they wore!

We made an apple glyph {I am obsessed with glyphs!}

We labeled the different parts of an apple

After tasting red, green, and yellow apples we graphed our favorite apples

We also made homemade applesauce in the crock-pot! It was delicious and made our classroom smell really good!

And lastly, I now have my door decorated for Fall!

I love teaching!!!!

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