Pumpkins, Bats, and Spiders!

The past two weeks, we have been learning about pumpkins, bats, and spiders! It has been so much fun! We spent a whole week on pumpkins. I cut into a pumpkin and all of the students got to feel the inside and we counted all of the seeds! I then took the seeds home and baked them for my kiddos to try the next day....yum! We ended our pumpkin unit by going to the pumpkin patch! Best field trip ever!!

{We made pumpkin glyphs}
{We read Five Little Pumpkins and then they created their own pumpkins sitting on a gate}
{We described a pumpkin using our five senses}
{We used adjectives to describe a pumpkin}
{KWL for Bats...I accidentally write What to learn instead Want...oops}
{Adorable spiders my kiddos made}
{Spider chart to see who was afraid of spiders and who wasn't}
{Sequencing activity we did after reading The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything}

I love Kindergarten!

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