Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had such a fun day!!! Let me recap what the rest of our week was like.

We read The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever
Discussed the beginning, middle, and ending of the book:
Then the kiddos created a story map of the book:
We also read The Luckiest Leprechaun
And The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
Then we discussed who was worth more than gold:
"My teacher is worth more than gold and my Daisy."
"My friends and my baby duck."
We also discussed what we would do if we found a pot of gold:
And they wrote about it:
"If I had a pot of gold, I would give it back to the leprechaun and say Happy St. Patrick's Day.
"If I had a pot of gold, I would get a farm and have animals like bulls and horses and cows."
"If I had a pot of gold, I would make a trap out of metal." The leprechaun is saying "Who put me in jail?"
My students graphed Lucky Charms:
We started a new 3D shapes chart:
We did some fun spring math activities:
These are the little treats I gave the kiddos for St. Patrick's Day:
And......The leprechaun visited our room and made a huge mess!! The kids couldn't wait to clean up all the glitter and foot prints!
He even left us a little note:
At least the leprechaun left us chocolate!!
We ended our week with a long recess and popcorn party!!

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