A much needed update!

Parents, I am so sorry I haven't posted in like three weeks!! We have been doing so much and I have been preparing for my Praxis III (to get my final license). My assessor came on Tuesday and it went really well! The kiddos did great!!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated President's Day. Here are some charts we created for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington:
Last week we read several different Froggy books. We discussed the different adventures Froggy went on and then my students had to write an opinion piece about their favorite Froggy book.
In math, we have been composing and decomposing numbers.
We talked about different ways to figure out math problems: number sentence, pictures, number line, and 100's chart
We even created a big book:
I have 3 hearts and 2 swings. I have 5 in all.
I have 2 peace signs and 3 hearts. I have 5 in all.
And lastly we have been working on capitalizing when we write sentences!
SORRY FOR THE OBVIOUS GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!! A new chart is in the process of being made!
I am hoping to give a better update about this week later!!

Thanks for all you do!

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