We finished up last week by reading Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree! This was my first time to read this book and I loved it!
We created a 5 W's anchor chart to practice retelling the story.
So far this week, we have read Jobs Around My Neighborhood
and Officer Buckle and Gloria
After reading Jobs Around My Neighborhood, we discussed what community helpers are and identified some community helpers in our neighborhood. Later, we will discuss community helpers in our school and in the North Pole!
We created another 4 W's chart to retell Officer Buckle and Gloria. The students learned all about safety and who in our school and community help keep us safe.
We have practiced a lot of writing this week!
Here are some writing examples from Parent Night:
Parents, thank you so much for helping your children write! They did a great job!
My favorite activity this week would have to be the job applications my students filled out for Rudolph's position. Rudolph decided to retire this year so my students pretended to be a reindeer and filled out a job application for his position. They had to write why they thought they would be a good reindeer.
So cute!
Here are some new centers for this week:
Counting syllables and sorting pictures according to the number of syllables each picture has.
I have several of these cards posted around the room for our Write the Room center.
The students have to find these cards and fill out the page below:
Here they have to read the number on the page and decorate the gingerbread house using that many pieces of candy
Here they must find the correct number, ten frame and picture that match.
This is our shared reading for the week. Such a cute poem!
And our updated Christmas tree with poinsettias!

These are the blogs I got my centers and reindeer application from:

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