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One of the greatest things about being a teacher, actually probably the BEST thing about being a teacher is to see how much your students have learned! As a first year teacher, I often worry whether or not I am teaching my students the things they need to know before going into first grade. One of my favorite parts about this year is seeing the improvement they have made in their writing skills! These kids are writing sentences!! It blows my mind! I am so proud of each and every one of them!

We are going to be writing about winter for the next few weeks. Here are some examples of our writings about winter:

"I like playing with my toys. My favorite toy is my dog."
"I have snowball fights with my daddy. I play in the snow with my dad."
"I watch TV with my family. I cuddle up with my blanket and drink hot chocolate."
Today we read Where the Wild Things Are
After reading the book, the students had to be creative and write about where they would go, who they would go with, and what they would do. Here are some examples of their journal writings:
"I am going to see if Humpty Dumpty is still on the wall." I thought that was a cute and creative idea!
"I would go to the beach with daddy and mom."
"I would go to the ice cream place. I would go with my mom."
"I am going on a field trip with Bo. We are going to Bumble Bee."
"I would go to the North Pole. I would go with my mom. I would open my presents."
"I would go ice skating with mom, Emma, and dad."

I am so so proud of my students!! Thank you parents for all of the work you do at home!

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