In literacy this week, we have been talking about penguins. We read many fiction and non-fiction texts about penguins. The kids really got into this! We started out discussing what we already knew about penguins. We used this cute penguin chart to organize our thoughts.
Throughout the week we filled in what we learned about penguins and our misconceptions.
We spent a lot of time discussing I wonder questions. Throughout the week we answered three I wonder questions:
1. How do penguins stay warm?
2. What do penguins eat and how do they get their food?
3. What are their families like?
{Sorry I don't have a picture of our completed chart.}
They did a great job finding this information and writing about it.
"Penguins eat squid. Penguins swim in the water to get their prey."
"Penguins eat fish."
"Penguins like to eat fish. Baby penguins get food from momma's mouth."
"Penguins eat fish. They swim to get their food."
We had a great time reading non-fiction texts and discussing all types of penguins and the way they live!! We even watched some cool videos on penguins!
We spent a lot of time counting in math this week. We practiced counting objects to 20 in many different ways. We also spent some time on word problems. Here is an example:
The students had to show me how to work the problem using their math journal. I then chose two people to teach the class how they got their answer. I also let the students act out the problem. I gave students different pieces of paper with numbers and math symbols and they had to put themselves in the correct order to show how to work the math word problem.
I found these cute signs to help students learn their punctuation marks. They loved it and wanted to read it over and over again!
And lastly, I added a couple of new good behavior motivators in our classroom.
Bookworms for good readers!
Bravo Chart for healthy table competition!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

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