This Weeks Update

We had a great week!! It was good to see all of the kiddos after our long break! Here is an update from last week:

We read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
We talked about what questions we had before, during, and after reading the book {thank you Pinterest for this idea!} This was great because the students were able to answer each others questions.
We discussed who, what, where and when questions
And then created a venn diagram to compare ourselves to the little boy in the book
We also read Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. This is such an adorable book! The kids LOVED it!
We then created an anchor chart to retell the story {this is something great you can do at home when reading with your kids!}
I also introduced nouns and verbs this week. We used these cute boy and girl charts to help us! {Again, thank you Pinterest!} We read The Jacket I Wear in the Snow and then wrote all of the nouns from the book on our Nick Noun chart.

Here are our centers from last week and for the next week:

Students use the lights to count syllables and then they place that number of cubes or cotton balls to show how many syllables the word has:
At this center, the students are to sort the fish cards by beginning and ending sounds: -ch, -sh, or -th.
They do the same in this center:
They loved our Write the Room center this week! They have to complete a scavenger hunt and find cards that look like the one below. They are to count the number of snowflakes and then write the number word on the correct blank.
At this center, the students have to pick a card write the correct color word and then draw the picture.
And our last center is our read aloud center. The students had to match the color word with the correct snowman.
I worked this weekend to get my reading groups and my guided reading table organized! I am now ready to start our reading groups this week! Your children will be bringing books home this week. Be sure to read the books with them {rather let them read the books to you.} You can discuss what happened in the book, what their favorite part was, practice retelling the story, and you can have them draw a picture of their favorite part. These are just suggestions, not things your have to do!

Center ideas are from the following websites:

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