Holidays and the 100th Day of School

This week has been full of fun activities!!! We have talked about different holidays and then we celebrated our 100th day of school!!

We started the week discussing Independence Day

We talked about who celebrates, why we celebrate, and how we celebrate
And then we wrote about it...
The next holiday we discussed was Veterans Day
We used this chart to help describe a veteran
We discussed Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday
Again, we discussed who celebrates, why we celebrate, and how we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and then the students made maracas!!
Today was our 100th day of school!!
We counted 100 gum balls. Some got carried away and made huge finger prints! :)
The kids went on a hunt to find 100 starbursts!
And we ate pizza and breadsticks in the shape of the number 100!
Tomorrow we are celebrating Chinese New Year!

In writing this week, we discussed what good writers do. The students used this check list to make sure they included everything they need when they write. I wish I had taken pictures of their writing this week, but I forgot!

We reviewed shapes this week in math:
We sorted shapes
This smart board lesson helped me teach more about shapes!
We also continued working on word problems
Our read aloud this week was Yankee Doodle
I showed this video! This kids loved it!
Some of you may have seen your kids bring these bags home! My book bag order finally came in! In these bags are your child's reading group books, their reading sticks, and a reading log. If you would, please complete the log out each time you read with your child. Your children love reading to you!!
Parents, thanks for all you do!!

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