MLK Week

This week, we have been discussing Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream. It has been fun listening to all of my students' dreams and why it is important to treat everyone equally. We started our week reading Happy Birthday Martin Luther King and On Martin Luther King Day. After reading the book and poem and discussing what his dream was, I had the students write about their dreams.
Here are some examples of their dreams:
"My dream is to be a doctor and a doctor of a horse."
"My dream is to be a vet."
We read the poem A Box of Crayons and the book The Crayon Box that Talked. The students really started to understand that diversity is a good thing! We wouldn't want to see things only in black and white, but in color.
After reading the book and poem, we created our class box of crayons
We used a Venn Diagram to show how our class was like MLK and ways that we are different.
We are learning the terms, great than, less than, and equal to in math this week.
Here is a poem we learned to help the students understand great than and less than.
We have continued learning how to answer math word problems. Today the students wore t-shirts with the minus and equal sign. I read the word problem, then the class had to place these students in the correct order.
I have a couple of new centers this week:
Mr. Gator: Each student draws a number then they have to figure out which number Mr. Gator wants to eat.
I found these cute mailboxes and Target! In the mailboxes are envelopes with cvc words in them. They have to take the letters out and spell the word correctly. Then they have to write the word and draw a picture of it.
Some of your kiddos may have mentioned our new behavior chart! If you are confused that your child says I was on blue today, here is why:
Hopefully this will motivate the students more than the red light did!

Parents, thank you so much for helping your child complete their penguin research project! They taught me many new things about penguins! They all did a great job!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Ms Burgin, I want to let you know that this new behavior chart has been amazing for Laney! She is so encouraged when she comes home about how she made it to blue or to purple. The positive reinforcement does great things for her confidence. Thank you for being so creative and thinking outside the box for our kiddos!

  2. Thank you!! That is so encouraging! I am glad Laney likes it! So far the kids have really enjoyed it!

  3. Did you create the alligator poem yourself? I'd love to use it for a curriculum I'm working on. Let me know if it is available for our use and we will credit you.